Black Palms Playlist

Hey everyone! Hope you’re keeping well.

In case you missed it, our debut ‘Turned To Ash EP’ is now available for streaming on multiple platforms, from Apple Music to Deezer but you can only find our personally curated playlists on Spotify. 

Our first co-authored set of tracks is called ‘Hard Rock Heroes’ and can be found here​.

It’s comprised of sixteen carefully selected songs lasting over an hour and contains many of the key influences on our sound.

Tracks like ‘Paranoid’ by Black Sabbath, ‘In Bloom’ by Nirvana and ‘Back To School’ by Deftones were vital in laying the path for the metal/pop crossover which underpins our sound, with all three songs unashamedly traversing the line between colossally heavy guitar riffing, massive drums and huge catchy hooks.

For that more stylish rock oeuvre we included ‘No One Knows’ by QOTSA, ‘Everlasting Light’ by Black Keys and ‘It’s So Easy’ by Guns N’ Roses, bands that demonstrated to the world how to make modern rock without screaming.

Further afield, we included ‘Back to Black’ by Amy Winehouse for that classic soulful snarl, ‘Atlas’ by Battles for its huge influence on our palm-muted guitar style, and ‘Holy Wars’ by Megadeth as well, it’s our guitarist Chris’s like favourite metal song (yes he is a metal geek!).

Last, and certainly not least, is '​Out of the Black' by Royal Blood, the flag bearers for all up and coming rock hopefuls, showing the thunderous quality of octave pedals and multiple amps, which showed us the way.

We'll be adding to this over time and it'll reflect our changing moods and inspirations so follow it if you want to hear what's going on inside our heads...

We hope you enjoy the playlist and please follow and share to your heart’s content!

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