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Black Palms Playlist

Hey everyone! Hope you’re keeping well.

In case you missed it, our debut ‘Turned To Ash EP’ is now available for streaming on multiple platforms, from Apple Music to Deezer but you can only find our personally curated playlists on Spotify. 

Our first co-authored set of tracks is called ‘Hard Rock Heroes’ and can be found here​.

It’s comprised of sixteen carefully selected songs lasting over an hour and contains many of the key influences on our sound.

Tracks like ‘Paranoid’ by Black Sabbath, ‘In Bloom’ by Nirvana and ‘Back To School’ by Deftones were vital in laying the path for the metal/pop crossover which underpins our sound, with all three songs unashamedly traversing the line between colossally heavy guitar riffing, massive drums and huge catchy hooks.

For that more stylish rock oeuvre we included ‘No One Knows’ by QOTSA, ‘Everlasting Light’ by Black Keys and ‘It’s So Easy’ by Guns N’ Roses, bands that demonstrated to the world how to make modern rock without screaming.

Further afield, we included ‘Back to Black’ by Amy Winehouse for that classic soulful snarl, ‘Atlas’ by Battles for its huge influence on our palm-muted guitar style, and ‘Holy Wars’ by Megadeth as well, it’s our guitarist Chris’s like favourite metal song (yes he is a metal geek!).

Last, and certainly not least, is '​Out of the Black' by Royal Blood, the flag bearers for all up and coming rock hopefuls, showing the thunderous quality of octave pedals and multiple amps, which showed us the way.

We'll be adding to this over time and it'll reflect our changing moods and inspirations so follow it if you want to hear what's going on inside our heads...

We hope you enjoy the playlist and please follow and share to your heart’s content!

Hey, ​if you like our music then help us reach more people like you!  Thank you. X

We’re on Spotify!

Hey everyone! Hope you’re good. We’ve had an absolute blast building a following online. It’s been so fantastic to receive so many positive messages and emails in support of our ‘Turned To Ash’ promo video and our ‘Army of One’ live video and we’ve really enjoyed chatting to new fans online.

It’s also been awesome selling so many physical copies of our debut ‘Turned To Ash’ EP! It’s great to know there’s still such an appetite for physical versions of music as for us there’s nothing like artwork to accompany the music, not to mention how cool they are simply as mementos. 

However, it is 2020, and we thought it was high time to get the EP online. We are a completely self-funded and self-managed band with no help from the music industry, and so we’ve published the recording ourselves in order to make it eligible for release on streaming platforms, so the good news is (in case you missed it), you can now find all five tracks available for streaming on Spotify for the first time!

Go on, click the follow button!

We are super excited to have our music alongside all our favourite bands at the click of a button and we’ve already had an absolutely fantastic response, accumulating hundreds of followers and instantly being included on a variety of playlists.

Please feel free to check out the tracks on the platform and join our growing ranks of followers, and also feel free to add your favourite tracks to your own playlists; we’d love you to spread the word!

Our EP is finished!

After months of recording, editing, layering and mixing we are supremely proud to announce the completion of our debut EP, which will be called (drum roll)...Turned To Ash EP! And the best news? It has five tracks! Yep, we managed to find that extra bit of energy (and money) to give you even more of our banging music. No but seriously, we are mega proud of this.

It’s super weird hearing our stuff at a pro level for the first time. It’s finally captured the real genuine feel of our we sound live plus has added enough extra little arrangement and production elements to really maximise the potential of each song, but without bogging them down in unnecessary filler.

Massive thanks to Russell Keeble, producer at Dark Note studios for helping us capture some magnificent performances and some awesome sounds, and thanks to our very own in-house mix engineer, Chris Sarantis for pulling it all together into his cohesive vision for our band! What would we do without you 😉

Click the link to join us on our journey with free music from the EP:


​Watch the video below to get exclusive access to our DEBUT EP - FREE!


Turned To Ash video has dropped.

When we approached Andy and Tai at EPiK to make this we just wanted a solid music video. They seemed to have misread the brief. Instead they have accidentally made the BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER. Don’t believe us? Just check it out below. Go on. Click the button. Sit back and watch the three of us catching fire, exploding into a myriad of shapes and textures, watch us head bang, strum, hit and sing as if our lives depended on it.

See us pulling shapes, travelling back and forth on some kind of weird interstellar treadmill, appear as miniature versions of ourselves and generally look awesome. It really is extraordinary to think this was created from standing on a rotating platform in front of a green screen. The standard of editing and grading is just fantastic and that’s been reiterated by friends of ours in the TV industry. Oh and watch fire come out of our mouths. That really is incredible.

As we said before. Best. Music. Video. Ever. What can we say except a heartfelt thanks to Andy and Tai from EPiK. Thank you!!!


​Watch the video below to get exclusive access to our DEBUT EP - FREE!


We have artwork!

We are very proud to reveal our new official band logo and artwork – see images below. Laying all our cards on the table for a moment, we did try and find some fonts ourselves but nothing really stuck; they all felt generic, uptight and failed to capture the essence of our sound. We needed something loose, organic and unique, just like our sound!

Enter designer extraordinaire Paul Jeffrey. We gave him a brief with some basic ideas and he just ran with it. I’m sure you’ll agree that he has absolutely smashed it out of the park, with a personally hand-crafted font and some truly awesome pieces of art. We really feel he’s captured the raw but classy feel of our sound and cannot wait to get these printed up for the release of our debut EP. Thanks Paul!

​Watch the video below to get exclusive access to our DEBUT EP - FREE!


Our first video!

We’ve just come back from making our very first music video! We picked one of our biggest stompers Turned To Ash and found an absolutely class act in EPiK Music Videos to do the honours, with their very own in-house guy Tai Campbell on directorial duties. It was an exhausting but exhilarating day with each member of the band individually filmed on a rotating platform against a green screen. And on top of all that we all got to wear makeup, including the boys! Whey.

The idea is then to manipulate all the footage using clever editing, colouring and double exposure techniques to simulate us playing in a scintillating world of flame and smoke and then eventually overlay our individual performances to give the effect of simultaneity; isn’t technology marvellous! Massive thanks to Tai, Andy (producer) and the whole crew who were seasoned professionals. What a day.

​Watch the video below to get exclusive access to our DEBUT EP - FREE!


We’re recording!

The time has come. We’re heading in! So unbelievably excited to announce we’re in the studio recording some of our best songs from the year in a hotly anticipated EP. We’re aiming for at least four tracks, but depending on time we may treat you to a fifth! Tally and Chris are at Dark Note studios in Hackney working with producer Russell Keeble, laying down the framework of drums and guitars before Briony slots in her soaring vocal hooks in a couple of weeks. Then its percussion, BVs and final guitar layers before it’s over to our guitarist Chris for mixing.

Our process is pretty natural and organic as we don’t record to a click or rely on editing post-performance, instead making sure we capture fantastic live performances, only made possible by our relentless rehearsing and gigging. This approach to recording enables us to free ourselves from strict tempos meaning we can drop into heavier sections, or build momentum as a section develops. The looseness between the parts also captures the live feel perfectly; a producer once described it as the metaphorical equivalent of dancing instead of standing in an orderly queue!

Check out the pics from the studio:



​Watch the video below to get exclusive access to our DEBUT EP - FREE!


Who are we?

Hey everyone! We’re Black Palms, a London three-piece with some huge tunes! In an era of mumble rap, chart pop and EDM we’re flying the flag for rock and we’re proud. We believe that music should be played not programmed and with our big hooks we’re sure you’ll come join us for the ride. We ram every track full of riffy goodness, intricate interwoven arrangements, epic vocal anthems and big beefy beats to try and make every moment in the Black Palms world as thrilling and fun as humanly possible!

Our journey began a little under a year ago, forming out of the ashes of previous projects and it’s been a wild ride so far. We started off in the rehearsal room jamming out new ideas, laid everything down in our home studio and then since then we’ve been hitting up venues across the capital all year to rapturous response. We’d love to see you down there so check out our tour page and come check us out – you can see some of our live photos below…

​Watch the video below to get exclusive access to our DEBUT EP - FREE!


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