Turned To Ash - 2.45 mins

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Bri, Chris & Tally

Wh​​​​at people are saying about 'Turned to Ash'...

'Instant classic. I love a track that rocks out like this. Gets the adrenaline pumping. No matter what the trends there is always a place for this.' 

Scott Cohen / Founder The Orchard

'YES! I am a big fan of this, its absolutely monstrous. The track is full of aggression and energy, everything a quality rock song should be. As debut's go, this is quite a statement.

Chris Lovett / ​Souterrain Live ' ​

​'The track is big and powerful with Briony’s distinctive vocals and the unusually engaging guitar sound making it really catchy.'

Robilaz ​/ ​​​​Gigradar