Our EP is finished!

After months of recording, editing, layering and mixing we are supremely proud to announce the completion of our debut EP, which will be called (drum roll)...Turned To Ash EP! And the best news? It has five tracks! Yep, we managed to find that extra bit of energy (and money) to give you even more of our banging music. No but seriously, we are mega proud of this.

It’s super weird hearing our stuff at a pro level for the first time. It’s finally captured the real genuine feel of our we sound live plus has added enough extra little arrangement and production elements to really maximise the potential of each song, but without bogging them down in unnecessary filler.

Massive thanks to Russell Keeble, producer at Dark Note studios for helping us capture some magnificent performances and some awesome sounds, and thanks to our very own in-house mix engineer, Chris Sarantis for pulling it all together into his cohesive vision for our band! What would we do without you 😉

Click the link to join us on our journey with free music from the EP: blackpalms.co.uk/free-music


​Watch the video below to get exclusive access to our DEBUT EP - FREE!


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