Our first video!

We’ve just come back from making our very first music video! We picked one of our biggest stompers Turned To Ash and found an absolutely class act in EPiK Music Videos to do the honours, with their very own in-house guy Tai Campbell on directorial duties. It was an exhausting but exhilarating day with each member of the band individually filmed on a rotating platform against a green screen. And on top of all that we all got to wear makeup, including the boys! Whey.

The idea is then to manipulate all the footage using clever editing, colouring and double exposure techniques to simulate us playing in a scintillating world of flame and smoke and then eventually overlay our individual performances to give the effect of simultaneity; isn’t technology marvellous! Massive thanks to Tai, Andy (producer) and the whole crew who were seasoned professionals. What a day.

​Watch the video below to get exclusive access to our DEBUT EP - FREE!


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