We’re on Spotify!

Hey everyone! Hope you’re good. We’ve had an absolute blast building a following online. It’s been so fantastic to receive so many positive messages and emails in support of our ‘Turned To Ash’ promo video and our ‘Army of One’ live video and we’ve really enjoyed chatting to new fans online.

It’s also been awesome selling so many physical copies of our debut ‘Turned To Ash’ EP! It’s great to know there’s still such an appetite for physical versions of music as for us there’s nothing like artwork to accompany the music, not to mention how cool they are simply as mementos. 

However, it is 2020, and we thought it was high time to get the EP online. We are a completely self-funded and self-managed band with no help from the music industry, and so we’ve published the recording ourselves in order to make it eligible for release on streaming platforms, so the good news is (in case you missed it), you can now find all five tracks available for streaming on Spotify for the first time!

Go on, click the follow button!

We are super excited to have our music alongside all our favourite bands at the click of a button and we’ve already had an absolutely fantastic response, accumulating hundreds of followers and instantly being included on a variety of playlists.

Please feel free to check out the tracks on the platform and join our growing ranks of followers, and also feel free to add your favourite tracks to your own playlists; we’d love you to spread the word!

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