We’re recording!

The time has come. We’re heading in! So unbelievably excited to announce we’re in the studio recording some of our best songs from the year in a hotly anticipated EP. We’re aiming for at least four tracks, but depending on time we may treat you to a fifth! Tally and Chris are at Dark Note studios in Hackney working with producer Russell Keeble, laying down the framework of drums and guitars before Briony slots in her soaring vocal hooks in a couple of weeks. Then its percussion, BVs and final guitar layers before it’s over to our guitarist Chris for mixing.

Our process is pretty natural and organic as we don’t record to a click or rely on editing post-performance, instead making sure we capture fantastic live performances, only made possible by our relentless rehearsing and gigging. This approach to recording enables us to free ourselves from strict tempos meaning we can drop into heavier sections, or build momentum as a section develops. The looseness between the parts also captures the live feel perfectly; a producer once described it as the metaphorical equivalent of dancing instead of standing in an orderly queue!

Check out the pics from the studio:



​Watch the video below to get exclusive access to our DEBUT EP - FREE!


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