Who are we?

Hey everyone! We’re Black Palms, a London three-piece with some huge tunes! In an era of mumble rap, chart pop and EDM we’re flying the flag for rock and we’re proud. We believe that music should be played not programmed and with our big hooks we’re sure you’ll come join us for the ride. We ram every track full of riffy goodness, intricate interwoven arrangements, epic vocal anthems and big beefy beats to try and make every moment in the Black Palms world as thrilling and fun as humanly possible!

Our journey began a little under a year ago, forming out of the ashes of previous projects and it’s been a wild ride so far. We started off in the rehearsal room jamming out new ideas, laid everything down in our home studio and then since then we’ve been hitting up venues across the capital all year to rapturous response. We’d love to see you down there so check out our tour page and come check us out – you can see some of our live photos below…

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